Porth Waters (Dolgrogws) fishery (Beat 11)

River Teifi, Porth Waters at Llandysul
Salmon fishing on Porth Waters

Panoramic view of Padgets Pool on the River Teifi at Dolgrogws:

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This panoramic view, captured in February, shows the extent of Padgets, a very productive pool for salmon fishing. The pool tail is ideal for flyfishing, and salmon tend to lie there is all but the lowest of water levels.

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Porth Waters, commonly referred to as the Dolgrogws fishery, is made up of two beats. The lower and larger beat was indeed the Dolgrogws fishing. We also purchased a short stretch upstream of this: the Farm Yard fishery at Frongoch, giving us a continuous two miles of fishing from the club's suspension bridge at Abercerdin Flats up to the start of our Cwmmackwith fishery.

Fishing for sea trout at dusk on Wall Pool, Dolgrogws

Abercerdin Flats, at the lower limit of the beat, can be very good for brown trout in springtime, as can the fast streamy sections near the island below Horse Pool. The rest of the beat is mainly a sea trout fishery, with some first class salmon pools - notably Gee's, Wyckham's, Padget's and Church Pools.


In October 1973 we bought the Dolgrogws fishing (formerly Porth Waters), comprising just under two miles of fishing on the left bank of the River Teifi near Llandysul. Then in May 1987 that we were able to secure the Farm Yard fishing at Frongoch to link the Dolgrogws fishery to our Cwmmackwith beat.

Salmon fishing on the River Teifi at Dolgrogws
Salmon fishing on the River Teifi, Porth Waters (Dolgrogws)

Access and parking

Access road to Dolgrogws fishery
Access road to Dolgrogws Farm section

Our private car park
Members' car park

There are two methods of access to this fishery. The first is about 500 yards north of Llandysul on the B4476, where there is a small roadside car park for built for club members. On the opposite (eastern) side of the road there is a gate leading across the meadow to the club's suspension bridge. Our fishing starts immediately upstream of the bridge on the far (left) bank.

The second access point is via Dolgrogws Farm. In partnership with the farmer we have had the lane properly surfaced. At the bottom of the lane is a private car park for club members.

To reach the fishing, enter the farm gate beside the car park. On the far side of the small paddock is a stile which you must cross; thereafter, steep paths go down to the river. The path to the left takes you downstream past Horse Pool; the path to the right takes you upstream past Wall Pool and Padget's to Church Pool and on to Wire Flats and Wood Pool, at which point you enter the Cwmmackwith fishery and the even/odd permit rule applies.

Beat limits

An orange Llandysul A A end-of-beat sign on a tree beside the suspension bridge marks the lower limit of our fishing. The upstream limit corresponds to the run in to the top of Wood Pool, just below Plantation on the Cwmmackwith beat.

Beat Map

Porth Waters fishery map

This aerial photograph shows the stile (top of picture) and access path down from our car park at Dolgrogws to Horse Pool (on the right of the picture) and upstream to Little Run (on the left):

Porth Waters, River Teifi, showing the top part of Horse Pool