Tyrdref Fishery (Beat 12)

Summer flyfishing at Tyrdref, Llandysul
Young flyfishers at Tyrdref

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By day this stretch of the River Teifi is popular with young anglers, and the top half of the beat is an ideal place for them to learn to fish. In the evenings it is a very productive sea trout fishery, and there are two good salmon pools and some faster, streamy water that often holds grilse in the summer months and the occasional brown trout above the pound mark.

Eye protection is essential during our flyfishing lessons
Safety guidance is a key feature of our lessons

In summer we use this stretch during our free flyfishing lessons for schoolchildren. These lessons are held between 2pm and 5pm, mostly on Fridays, at which time members are asked to give the children priority on the river bank.

Trout fishing at Tyrdref, River Teifi
This young angler has found a good spot

Because the river is relatively narrow here (and hence swift flowing) the Tyrdref beat can be fished by fly without the need for wading. You will need to get down on to the water's edge and either use roll or Spey casting methods, because the bank is high. Spinning is easy, but beware of low branches on some of the overhanging trees on the far bank.

In high water, great care is necessary at the lower end of the beat; there a swift glide leads to the white water slalom canoeing course at Pontweli. To fall in at this point could be very dangerous indeed.

Facility for disabled anglers

Fishing platform for disabled anglers

Midway down this beat we have a specially designed fishing platform to help anglers who are wheelchair user or others who, through infirmity, are unable to cope with the terrain, stiles and footbridges on most of our other beats. There is a special concessionary rate for anyone who is so infirm or disabled that they can fish only on this beat.


Beat number 12, comprising 540 yards of single bank fishing on the right (Ceredigion) bank of the Teifi at Llandysul, was purchased by the club in January 1981.

Access and Parking

Vehicle and wheelchair access is via a lane from the main car park at Llandysul, and there is another car park just 50 yards from the river bank. About 100 yards downstream of the upper limit of the beat, a ramp leads down to a shingle bank beside a deep salmon pool, providing opportunities for spinning or bait fishing. It is sometimes possible also to flyfish the tail of this pool from a wheelchair.

There is a made up footpath, a few yards back from the water's edge, along the whole of this beat. Members of the public use this footpath, and if you do make overhead casts do please check that the area behind you is clear.

Beat limits

Our fishing starts at the end of the bushes where a slipway to a gravel beach provides wheelchair access to the salmon pool at the top of the beat.

The lower beat limit, at the corner of the playing fields, is marked by an orange sign.

Beat Map

Map of Beat 12, Tyrdref Fishery

This aerial photograph shows the lower end of the Tyrdref Fishery.

Tyrdref Fishery, aerial photograph