Penbeili Fishery (Beat 15)

is located at the Penbeili Fishery...

Fishing for sea trout at Pwll Artie
Sea trout fishing at Pwll Artie

Over part of this beat we have double-bank fishing. The right bank fishery, near Llandyfriog, comprises 1320 yards, while on the left bank we have a 720 yard stretch near Pentrecagal.

In summer the lower 300 yards of the right bank fishing is shallow and an ideal place for practising Spey casting; in spring it sometimes holds salmon. the rest of the right bank fishery is a sequence of pools and riffles, and provides opportunities for trout, sewin and salmon fishing.

Pwll Artie, mid-way along this beat, has high banks and is best fished by wading beneath the trees. Although mainly noted as a sea-trout pool, this spot has also produced some very fine trout, including one of over 5lbs, in recent years.

At the top of the beat there is a large pool on a sharp bend. There are deep water lies on our bank and just one or two places where rocky ledges afford good casting positions. Spinning is very productive in this pool when the river is high, and on warm summer nights the sewin fishing there can be exceptionally good.

On the left bank, the best of the fishing is in the field below Afon Teifi Caravan Park; the rest of the beat, all of which is double-bank fishing, is best approached from the right (Ceredigion) bank.

There some good trout fishing stretches in the middle of this beat
Trout fishing upstream of Dol-haidd Isaf


Beat number 15, comprising 1320 yards of right bank fishing and 720 yards of left-bank fishing, was purchased by Llandysul A A in September 1973.

Access and parking

Right bank access gate
Right bank access point

Left bank access - no cars
Left bank access (no cars)

The right bank fishery is accessible from the A475 Newcastle Emlyn to Lampeter Road a mile east of Llandyfriog. Parking is available in a lay-by, and the access path is via a farm gate marked with a Llandysul A A orange sign. The path, beside a small stream (often dry in summer), takes you beneath a railway bridge, through a second gate and on past the marshland site of Castell Hellys Moat to a large meadow. The riverbank bounds the far side of this meadow, a walk of some 250 yards.

On the left bank, the access (no vehicles) is via Afon Teifi Caravan Park, which borders part of our fishing.

Beat limits

Lower limit, right-hand bank
Lower beat limit, right-hand bank

The footpath runs out at the top of the beat...
Upper beat limit, right-hand bank

On the right bank our lower limit is at the fence immediately above a deep pool. (To fish the pool at the bottom of this beat you will need to be on the left-hand bank; please respect the privacy of the owner of the fishery adjoining the lower end of our right-bank beat.) The footpath comes to an end at the upper limit on the right bank.

Our fishing on the left bank comprises three meadows, including the main parking ground of Afon Teifi Caravan Park. Beat limits are marked by orange Llandysul A A signs.

Beat Map

Penbeili fishery map