Lletytwpa Fishery (Beat 3)

Summer fishing at Lletytwppa, River Teifi
A fast run near the top of the beat

The Lletytwpa fishery contains some excellent trout habitat, with rich ranunculus beds for which this part of the Teifi has long been famous. Sea trout usually reach this beat in mid summer, except in very dry seasons. There are also five salmon pools on the beat, two of which, on revetted bends in the river, are remarkably deep for a fishery so far up the River Teifi. Salmon fishing is best here from August onwards.

Wading to reach a brown trout lie
High banks make wading a necessity at the top the  beat

The upper half of the Lletytwpa fishery is characterised by sharp bends and deep pools with fast water between them. Revetments (mainly of boulder stone) have had the effect of narrowing the river, and so it is both swift and deep. The banks are high, and chest waders are needed to fish the top 300 yards of the beat.

Fishing from the bank is possible over most of the lower half of the beat.

At the lower limit, the river is fairly slow flowing and wading is possible, but you will need chest waders.


Llety Twppa (Beat 3) comprising some 700 yards of right-bank fishing on the Teifi a mile upstream of Pont Steffan Bridge, Lampeter, is one of our rented fisheries.

Access and parking

Park tight in to the verge...

This beat is accessed via a gate some 100 yards west (downstream) of the farm of Lletty Twppa (one of many spellings!), on the Lampeter to Llanfair Clydogau road, a mile outside Lampeter.

Beat limits

lletwpa5.jpg (4963 bytes)
The lower limit sign is at a double fence
lletwpa4.jpg (6039 bytes)
The upper limit sign is at the boundary fence

Beat Map

Lletytwpa beat map