Hendy Fishery (Beat 7-1)

Spring trout fishing at Hendy
Salmon fishing: Pwll Craig y Lantarn

This is a very varied beat, offering salmon, sea trout and wild brown trout fishing. The bottom 200 metres of the beat is tree-lined and deep in places. Over most of the beat, however, the riverbank is clear of trees, making it possible for less experienced anglers to fish from the banks.

Near the upper limit of Hendy Fishery
Good salmon water near the top of the beat

There is some excellent salmon water in the topmost meadow of this beat, while the pool tail right at the top of the beat is a noted sewin hotspot.

Trout fishing on a difficult but productive run
Beside the islands the trout fishing is particularly good

For trout fishers, the fast, narrow runs beside the islands are particularly good, although the casting is inevitably tricky. There are also very good ranunculus beds near the top of the beat, and they hold nice wild brown trout.


The Hendy fishery is one that we rent; it is secured on a five-year agreement, beginning in spring 1998. The beat comprises 1.25 miles of single-bank fishing.

Access and parking


Limited parking...
Limited parking in the village

Access is beside Ruddlan Lodge
Access at Rhuddlan Lodge

There is, unfortunately, limited opportunity for parking within the village of Rhuddlan; however, there are places on the lanes just outside the village where members can park without obstructing the road.

The access to this beat is beside Rhuddlan Lodge, and signs are clearly visible from the road. Members are requested to pass quietly beside the Lodge, especially after night fishing, and to close the gate to our access path.

Access path beside a 'Tolkienesque' wood

The access path takes you beside a 'Tolkienesque' wood; it is a dark place by day, and so care and a good torch are needed at night.

Beat limits

The fishing extends along a short stretch of dense woodland and a further five meadows. The lower beat limit is delineated by the entry footpath which runs beside Rhuddlan Lodge. The upper limit is marked by an orange 'Llandysul A A' sign on a tree at the boundary of a wood.

Beat Map

Beat map of Hendy fishery

Aerial Photograph

This aerial photograph shows the top meadow of the Hendy beat. The upper limit of our fishing is on the bottom-left of the picture.

Hendy fishery