Maesisaf Fishery (Beat 7)

Napier Pool, River Teifi
Napier Pool at the lower end of Maes-isaf

A mile north-east of Llanybydder on the A485, Llandysul A A's Maes-isaf fishery, beat 7, comprises seven meadows (approximately one mile) of left-bank fishing. Club members have a private car park near to the disused railway track.

Salmon fishing at Maes-isaf
Salmon holding water near the top of the beat

There are plenty of good streamy runs on this fishery and some splendid salmon pools near the top of the beat. At the lower limit is Napier Pool, also a noted salmon and sea trout hot spot.

The Maes-isaf fishery is a mile north-west of Llanybydder on the A485 and just two miles downstream from our Dolgwm Mill beat. The fishery extends to more than a mile of single-bank fishing on the left bank of the river.

Much of the fishing is on a sweeping left-hand bend where the water is shallower on our bank and deeper on the far side, making it ideal for sewin fishing at night.

Casting towards tree cover
Much of the beat has tree cover on the far side

Access and parking

Access lane
The access lane
Llandysul A A private car park
Members' car park

Access is via a farm lane just inside the Pencarreg 40 mph limit on the A485 Llanybydder to Cwmann (Lampeter) road some  300 yards west of our Dolgwm Mill fishery.

When we purchased this fishery, in January 1992, we also constructed a private car park for members. To get to the fishing, go through the gate at the rear of our car park, cross the field to a small stream, and follow that stream into the next field.

Beat limits

The fishing extends along seven meadows, and the upper and lower beat limits are marked by orange signs at fences. A fence and a stream coincide with the lower beat limit at Napier Pool.

Beat Map

Maesisaf beat map

Aerial Photograph

This aerial photograph shows the lower three meadows of the Maes-isaf fishery. The meat-processing depot is visible in the background. (Red kite are often to be seen in this area.)

Maesisaf fishery