Pant-llaethdy Fishery (Beat 7a)

Top end of the Pant-llaethdy fishery
The pool at the top of the beat

This is an ideal daytime fishery, with swift glides and runs providing the sort of turbulence that makes it possible to catch salmon and sea trout at almost any time. There are three main pools: one at each end of the beat and a third, somewhat shallower pool, near the mid point.

The lower limit of the Pant-llaethdy fishery
Success near the lower beat limit

Casting from the bank is straightforward over most of the beat, and when the river is in spate this is advisable since the relatively deep, fast-flowing water can make wading hazardous.


The Pant-llaethdy fishery is some two miles from Maesycrugiau and mid-way between our Brynhawc beat (downstream) and the Hendy fishery (upstream). We purchased this 700 yard beat in May 1992. The fishing is all on the left bank of the river.

Access and parking

Llandysul A A private car park
The car park at Pant-llaethdy

There is a lane leading from the Llanybydder to Maesycrugiau road down to Pant-llaethdy farmhouse. About 150 yards down this lane, on the right-hand side, is our private car park for members. (Please do not drive beyond the car park entrance). There is space for up to six cars.

After parking, follow the path from the back (north end) of the car park around one field and across three more small fields to reach the river at the middle of the beat. In total the walk to the river is nearly half a mile.

Beat limits

Our fishing is along a single meadow and the upper and lower beat limits are marked by orange signs at fences. Each end of this beat coincides with a large pool as the river sweeps to the right.

Beat Map

Pant-llaethdy beat map