Castell Pyr Fishery (Beat 8a)

The pool at the lower limit of the fishery
The pool at the bottom of the beat

The Castell-Pyr beat offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities, but over most of this stretch the fishing is not suitable for beginners. At the top of the beat there is a gentle pool tail, and in summer it usually holds quite a good stock of small and medium-sized sewin.

Castell Pyr fishery in the summer sunshine
A view from the woods at Castell Pyr

A steep-sided wood abuts the lower two thirds of the fishing, and the river bed is rocky with some difficult wading even on the pools.

The pool at the end of the beat is deep, and salmon tend to rest in the quiet back eddies. Spey casting or roll casting is necessary if you intend fishing from the bank, and in high water this approach is essential.


In August 1994 we purchased this beat, comprising some 650 yards of fishing on the left bank of the River Teifi, together with a cottage called Castell-Pyr. We have since sold the cottage.

Access and parking

Car park at Castell Pyr fishery
Our private car park

Llandysul A A members' car park
Access gate

There are two access paths, both approached via the same farm gate 50 yards downstream of Llwyn-Pyr Farm. The upstream path is steep and cannot be recommended for anyone who finds rough ground difficult. The downstream path is more gentle and is backed by steep woodland.

Please use the club car park, which is adjacent to the access gate. Farm vehicles use the lane, and it is important that members should not park in gateways or on verges so that they cause an obstruction.

Beat limits

A fence delineates the top of this beat, and the tail of a pool coincides with the lower limit. The upper and lower  limits are marked by orange Llandysul A A end-of-beat signs.

Fishing at the top of Castell Pyr beat
The upper limit of the beat

Beat Map

Castell Pyr Fishery map