Church Farm and County Gate Fisheries (Beat 9)

Near the lower beat limit
Good sewin habitat near the lower beat limit

The Church Farm fishery comprises five left-bank meadows at Llanfihangel-ar-arth, including the field imediately downstream of Llanfihangel Bridge; it is particularly noted as a salmon fishery. Immediately pstream of the bridge, but on the right-hand bank of the river, is the County Gate stretch, which is also a very good salmon fishery with some excellent sea trout fishing too.

Vicar's Pool, River Teifi
Salmon fishing, Vicar's Pool

Vicar's Pool, near the top of the beat, is particularly productive during the autumn run.


In July 1988 we purchased this beat, comprising just over half a mile of fishing on the left bank of the River Teifi at Llanfihangel-ar-arth. The fishing extends along four meadows.

Access and parking

Access road
Access road: Cwmmackwith
and Church farm fisheries
Llandysul A A members' car park
For the lower end of Church Farm fishery use Cwmmackwith car park

The access to this fishing is via our Cwmmackwith fishery, where we have a private car park for club members.

There is no access from Llanfihangel Bridge, and we do not have the fishing in the meadow immediately below the bridge; our fishing starts at the second meadow downstream of the bridge.

Parking for Church Farm fishery is at Cwmmackwith, and to reach the fishery members should walk back 100 yards up the hill. A stile leads to a short path through the woods. Turn right (upstream) and cross a footbridge past Ladies Pool, Gravel, Oak Pool and Clettwr Run; you are then on to the Church Farm fishery.

Beat limits

A fence delineates the top of this beat, one meadow below Llanfihangel Bridge.

chfarm3.jpg (9418 bytes)
The junction of Cwmmackwith and Church Farm beats

The upper and lower beat limits are marked by an orange Llandysul A A end-of-beat sign.

The fishing immediately below Church Farm fishery is our Cwmmackwith beat, where the 'odd-and-even' rule applies. (The top of Clettwr Run marks the upper limit of the Cwmmackwith beat.)

Beat Map

Church Farm Fishery map